My New Hip Story

I had known I had arthritis starting in my hip some years ago 2002 to be exact. They did an x-ray on my back and noted it then. It got worse of course and I really noticed it the last time I rode which was in 2012. I had a lesson on a lusitano in Golega. The instructor asked why I was pulling faces when doing lateral movements – I couldn’t help it! It was hurting. The left one is the worst one but didn’t bother me too much until 19th October 2014 when it ‘went.’ We had travelled on the coach to London to see Michael Flatley and decided to walk through Hyde Park to the accommodation, I remember a sharp pain in my left groin and we had to keep stopping for me to sit down. The pain would recede and on we went.

The weekend passed and the pain got worse, going back to the coach station was awful. At this time I didn’t know it was my hip and thought it may have been sciatica as the pain went all the way down my leg.

When we got home I saw the Doctor, she seemed clueless and asked “Would you like to see a Consultant?” I replied “I am a photographer you are the Doctor, you tell me”

She did refer me and in the meantime I saw my Osteopath who mentioned that she could refer me for an MRI – I had researched it and it seemed the way forward. So I went privately it cost about £400. Once I had the result of the MRI I decided to see a back consultant privately – while there is a problem with my back he said that the hip was the big problem. So, I decided not to wait and saw the hip man privately too. He said I was bone on bone and put me down for a left total hip replacement. He also said that it was visible on the original x-ray that had been done for my local GP – how come they didn’t pick up on it or refer me sooner?

I changed GP surgery in January of 2015 and have been impressed by their care and efficiency. Once on the waiting list it has been relatively straightforward. I knew it would be about nine months so anticipated time was Xmas 2015. However in September the hospital rang to say that due to waiting times would I mind going to Bristol for my operation. I told them I would be ready within the hour if it helped.

Nothing happened until November when I went to a pre op interview. After being x-rayed again as they didn’t have me on their system it all went well until they did the heart check then they saw a blip they didn’t like. The anesthetist said he wasn’t happy to do it until I had been checked out by the cardiologist – bugger, I knew the waiting list would be long so more money to see him privately, he recommended an Echocardiogram and a stress test (try getting a new hip) again the waiting list. As the echocardiogram was instant and the more telling of the two I coughed up for that privately. He said that there was nothing apparent and that he was happy to OK me for anaesthetic.

Of course by this time – all be it only three days – I had been deleted from the list at the sub-contracted hospital and referred back to our local one. No one knew what was going on and letters were going all over the place including to my old Doctor. Anyway to cut a long story short I made a shedload of phone calls, delivered my own set of chronological notes to my new Doctor and got things back on track. No one’s fault just the way it is. I finally had my pre op interview finished and just had to wait on a date.

So for a first post I think this is enough to go on with.


‘The Phone Call’

I had the call at 11am today from Emersons Green Hospital. I am to be there at 10am Monday 25th January. No food after midnight Sunday, not drinks either although I can sip water, they emphasised sip, until I get there. I can have a snack before I go to bed but nothing on the day. No make up, nail polish, jewellery, sprays, perfumes, etc. No cuts or abrasions on my skin. Did I have a cold, chest infection, bladder infection.  Had I been to West Africa recently. Had I been in any other hospital recently?  Must remember my sample of urine. No ibuprofen for 24 hours before. I can take paracetamol though.

I have to take a bag with my washing stuff, two sets of slippers – not mule types. Two sets of PJ’s or nighty. Two sets of comfy loose clothing as I will be doing physio.

I have been in self imposed quarantine since Tuesday this week as I really, really don’t want to catch a bug, of any type.

Talk about clammy hands and feet, I am so scared. What of? I don’t know specifically. The needles going in? The noises? The pain after? The recovery time? Something going wrong?  I just wish I could fast forward a few months.

Don’t underestimate pre op stress either. I realised it yesterday when my husband pissed me off in some fine style. I did tell him but found myself more upset than I would be normally. Mood swings etc. Not sure how to combat this. Anyway I guess i should sort out music play lists, books, chargers, etc etc.

The Day Before :(

I am officially a bag of nerves. I don’t care if I will be fine. I know it will hurt after. I am as prepped as I can be. I know I am stressed to hell and back. I am jumpy, stomach in knots, restless, can’t concentrate. No words are going to help, just leave me be! What if they kill me or permanently main me??!!!  I keep saying to myself FFS get over yourself and get on with it!

I have a cotton kaftan ready; fluffy kaftan ready; two night shirts – I think if I sleep naked as I usually do I will scare the crap out of the staff! Loose joggers and top for physio after the operation. Two pairs of bedroom slippers. Washing stuff. They provide towels apparently – I may take my own anyway.

I went to bed but couldn’t sleep till about 0300hrs or later. My heart was pounding. I was thinking of all sorts. Did Steve know where the safe key is in case he needed the will? Was I going to forget anything vital like a phone charger.

Of course when I did go to sleep I almost slept late. Steve woke me at 0745hrs and we needed to go go at 0830hrs! Still this now encroaches on another day. X

Op day

Almost slept late! Steve called me at 0745 and we had decided that we were leaving at 0830hrs! Still I only had to dress and shower. Remembered slippers, cables, pee sample (just)

I was calmer than I thought I would be. We left on time had an uneventful journey over. Listened to John bon Jovi ‘this Romeo is bleeding ‘ and Bryan Adams ‘heaven’ hmm. Saw blues n twos and turned around in the gateway to a oap home when we went wrong!

Booking in was swift and efficient.  We sat around and cwtched.  I wasn’t far from scared tears but didn’t as that would set Steve off.

It was just a case of sit and wait then. And wait. And wait.  I was dry and starving

Eventually at 4.45hrs we left. I walked up to the theatre. Had to sit in the recovery area for ages too anyway we went in and I had the needle in my hand once they found  a vein. Then the gig one. Epidural.  Because  of my back problems something that doesn’t usually hurt, hurt like fuck. I was cussing like a good un. I must stress that it was down to me.

Before I lost all feeling I had to lie on my back then turn over onto my side. It was cold in there but this is so bugs can’t survive. They put a hot blanky on me and wheeled me in. The sedation kicked in and we were off. I wasn’t aware of much pulling or anything. I could hear banging, sawing, drilling. However it didn’t bother me. I was glad when they finished as the shoulder I was lying on was uncomfortable.  They rolled me onto my back and trollied me to recovery. I was dopey but soon came around and had water. Lots of it. They had put a cathetar in before so weeing was not a problem!

They wheeled me back to the ward and I was fine. Well I would be. Dead from the waist down! I had sarnies later. Phoned hubby. Started writing.  Took selfies.  Had a lush sarnie and a cuppa coffee. Had a shitload of tablets but what they are or did is immaterial.

Surprisingly I slept till gone 3am. !

Day after the op.

Woke early. Very early. Although tired I didn’t think I would sleep again so I messed around. Toe wiggling. Facebook chatting to my pal Ros who also couldn’t sleep.

I was given tablets at various intervals and did doze but every time I did someone came in. Nevermind.  Just before lunch the physio arrived and helped me to stand. Wow. Weird. Frame operated leg then good leg. I hobbled around the other side of the bed towards the chair. As I approached I felt sparkly and light headed.  It’s down to blood pressure apparently. Anyway some oxygen and a lie down sorted it and it hasn’t come back.

It was good to have a wash and put my own kaftan on then a bit of lippy and I was sorted.

I am sore on the side of my leg. Very stiff and sore but it hasn’t swollen up yet. They all seem pleased with my progress.

I get the catheter out tomorrow thank goodness it’s a pain in the bum now. I did try the loo for a poo but it was so uncomfortable.  Too high. My leg was pressing on the wrong place and I just wasn’t ready! Gave up and asked for stuff!

All in all a good day for a first day. Been doing my exercises and I hope they get easier!

Not a good end to the day. They hadn’t taught me how to get back into bed. The doctor supervised me walking there and then buggered off! I sat on the edge of the bed and tried to do a reverse manoeuvre of getting out but lif ting the bad leg up caused intense burning pain at operation site. Nurse helped but bloody he’ll it hurt. Had painkillers with the final drug run. Slept well till 3am x

Day two- Wednesday

Had a good night’s sleep.  Woke at 3am went back to sleep till about 6 or 7. Nurse helped me to the shower but I went sparkly again. Horrible feeling.  She fanned me with a towel and I had to take deep  breaths and hold my hands above my head. I sat in the chair for a bit and fell asleep.  Only waking for tea and physio. I told her about not being able to get into bed last night but it went totally over her head. We did new exercises.  Leg swings to side front and back. Knee bends to work the glutes. I went back to bed after and slept.  I didn’t feel ready to go  home and mentioned it to a nurse, after she finished banging on about how she  couldn’t do anything she must have mentioned it to someone as I am still here. I will see the physio sometime and it will be afternoon before I go. Fine by me.

Getting in and out of bed is the worst.  The wound burns. Still it’s bound to hurt. They almost gave me a double dose of codeine today luckily I noticed. I have been a grumpy draws today.

Oh forgot to add that the catheter came out. I had to pee 3 times in a container but I have done that now. My blood pressure is getting back to normal so all good

Thursday – Day 3

Another good night’s sleep.  Woke about 4.30am got up for a wee then slept again till 7ish when morning rounds began. More drugs, codeine amongst them. Trouble is it makes my nose itch and makes food go down in lumps.

Had a wash then brekky, prunes in the vain hope they will work. Plus scrambled eggs.

Pain controlled by the meds so thats OK. The physio came and wheeled me off to learn how to use crutches, go up and down stairs and we then walked back to the ward. I did my exercises then had lunch. I had the all clear later on so called Stevo and prepared for home. Oh deep joy – I managed a poo too!

I have a shedload of meds and instructions, do’s and don’ts, exercises, gadgets. Uneventful trip home, it was all a bit fraught when we got back with sorting dogs out, seats out, gadgets out but we are all settled now. Next hurdle is bedtime!

Friday – Day 4

Good nights sleep apart from waking up three times for a wee, getting in and out of bed is a potch but at least I managed to go back to sleep afterwards.

Steve made me breakfast – I am back on the Herbalife, trouble is he made it with water not soy milk! Dozed in bed then he helped me have a shower and wash my hair. I had to give very precise directions like open the doors outwards, put the chair in, “No I am not going to sit in there while it warms up” not because he’s daft but because I may have been a grumpy  draws and didn’t want to come over as such. Luckily we have a large quadrant shower so getting in was easy. I had a nice shower and washed my hair, he held the shower head when I needed both hands and he washed my legs. Much the same with drying actually. Getting the DVT socks on was a challenge! tugging and pulling – gently on the bad leg! I wore joggers and rugby top for ease. Bugger the underwear! No further challenges needed.

Came downstairs uneventfully and plonked myself into the settee. My pal Ros visited later and we had a nice hour nattering over real coffee. If ever you want a treat try PACT coffee, not cheap but oh so nice, they send a new one out every 6 weeks or so, two mugs of that and I was flying high, plus I was hoping for a beneficial side effect of a poo – not today though!

Now normally on a Friday I cook a curry but decided against it tonight and Stevo wasn’t up for cooking it so we cheated and bought one (of which I ate half) I had a chicken tikka balti but it lacked a bit of body and punch. I pepped it up with a fresh raw chilli but it’s been a long time since I had a really good curry.

Telly as always is boring. Been taking my meds regularly and doing my exercises. Codeine (1 x 3 per day) are excellent for the pain but make my nose itch and bung up my bum, I guess that’s the trade off.

Oh and I have had total bladder control! Someone suggested Tena Lady. One thing I am so glad I did though was get fit for the operation, both core and limb strength and cardio.


Saturday – Day 5

Restless in bed last night but I did notice that getting in was easier, I managed it with one swift bum swivel. Not comfy on my left leg, I feel like I want to bend the knee and stretch it. I put a pillow under my ankles but moved it up to my knee joints. The wedge was a disappointment, it needs to be shorter in length, thicker at the wedge end and not an equal triangle. If that were the case it would be more versatile. I can tell that I am going to get well cheesed off with the sleeping restrictions by week six! My leg is also  has swollen up, it’s not sore though.

Only up to go to the loo twice last night which was better, still no poo though! Mind it is difficult on those raised toilet seats, I can’t get comfy on the damn things. I have to sit and dangle my legs in the breeze and on the downstairs loo  I managed to water the floor yesterday, not because of lack of bladder control, no problem there! So it’s not wonder that with all the drugs that I can’t get comfy enough to ‘go’!

Steve helped me shower again, he is training up quite well as a nurse, assisting in the shower, drying, moisturising my legs before putting my DVT socks on and helping me dress etc. There is quite a lot for him to remember I guess, all the tablets at various times, drinks, meals. I know he worries when I go up and downstairs but I really am quite solid and confident. I hope I don’t get too cocky though, that is an accident waiting to happen!!

Today I find myself restless and wondering how long before I can get out and about. In the meantime I will have to get on with it. I was resigned to it before but now I am impatient to get fixed. I can’t settle down to read or anything either.

I didn’t do anything to remember really. Tidied up some photos on my laptop, Stevo cooked my Steak, egg and mushrooms  and asparagus for my tea.

Loo is still a problem so I used the ‘SheWee’ but while there was less of a sprinkle it didn’t cure it completely. I don’t get a problem upstairs, weird huh? I can only think that it is down to the positioning of the downstairs loo.

One handy gadget that has yet to be invented is a crutch holder, how useful would that be? The damn things slide in the loo, the bathroom, and as for by the side of the settee when not in use, well they have a mind of their own.

I must be healing because I can feel the operation site itching.

Notable things of interest or milestones? Nope!


Sunday – Day 6

Another tidy nights sleep. Up to the loo about twice. In and out of bed is definitely easier. I have noticed some bizarre dreams, night before last Steve had to rescue me from being raped, last night I was buying Xmas Decorations in Aldi with my Mum – who died in 1999 and one of the dogs ran off, I went to look for him but got distracted as I saw some nice light on a Dandelion and wanted to photograph it! I mean, really?

Leg swelling  This is the situation with my swelling at the moment. It isn’t very sore or anything.

My slave This is my sweetie pie having a well earned lie in!

I couldn’t be bothered to dress today. After my morning cuppa I promptly fell asleep again, a codeine induced stupor no doubt. I eventually came downstairs, did my exercises and dossed around.

Now the big news of the day so far, drum roll please,  I had a poop! Yay!! It took a while, a lot of sweating, cussing and abdominal exercises but I managed it. Thank goodness for the Dulcolax I took last night, fingers crossed that my success continues 

Didn’t feel much like dinner, I only had a small one but couldn’t do it justice. The wine was nice though!

My operated leg is swollen now. I am elevating, icing taking my meds, drinking, walking, exercising. It’s not comfy but not not painful either.

We lowered the toilet gadget in the downstairs loo and I thought it had cured the sprinkle problem – wrong. Felt cheesed off so went to bed about 10pm. I tried sleeping flat last night with the bed wedgie thing under my knees. Would have helped but I couldn’t sleep. The pup kept barking in her crate, I needed the loo, my right thigh had a muscular pain (back related) Grrrr. Been awake since 0500hrs, gave up about 0700hrs and came downstairs.


Monday – 1 week in.

Well I must be getting better as I am well grumpy. Mind I did have a shitty nights sleep last night. Between dog, leg, bladder. I was messaging my friend at 0500hrs trying to help her with her problems and I gave up at 0730hrs and got up. Managed to make a brew myself and took my meds. Sat on the recliner and crashed out (well almost apart from Jack Russells sat on me!) That will be the effect of The codeine then!

Feel OK but short tempered and I know that we are getting on each others nerves a bit.

Nothing sort of a day really. Did my exercises, dozed. Walked around the house. Tried to settle in and read a book but I can’t get into it.

Took two Dulcolax when I went to bed. That should sort my innards out!

Tuesday -Week 2

Slept well last night only waking for a pee. Dozed off again once I had a cuppa and a visit from my drug dealer. Also first thing I did when I got up was have a poo.  Oh deep joy!!!  Thanks Dulcolax!

Definite less pain and more mobility but looking in a mirror bloody hell the size on my arse – I hope that’s swelling not fat! I have never had hips wider than my shoulders! I looked like a queen bee.

My dressing is peeling off and the hospital yesterday said to either patch it up (not with Duct Tape though) or go to my local nurses and get them to change it although they do like to keep it covered as much as possible. I rang the surgery but they can’t fit me in till Friday, now I have the clips out on Monday so do I try and keep it going till then or insist on a change and then what do they do for a dressing on Monday after they take the clips out. I was only given one spare one.

Went for a walk today, not far admittedly but a walk nevertheless. Felt OK but didn’t want to go too far and overdo it so came back in. No pain, swelling appears OK.

It was a good day but after a codeine at 2 ish I fell asleep and had the most horrible dream. I dreamt I had a stroke. I could feel it. Steve was there but was ignoring me, I don’t know where ‘There’ was but it wasn’t here. I went from outside to inside on my mobility scooter and he was fiddling with a clock I couldn’t hear anything and he was still ignoring me, then he fainted! I was so annoyed and was wondering who I could ring for help, then he came to and I bit him! Hard – it was at this stage I knew it was a dream as no one would ignore a bite off me! Phew, luckily I woke up after but shit it was a scary dream!!

Haven’t done much of interest.

Wednesday 3rd Feb :(

Slept OK but that was the best bit about today.

My drug supplier was late – should have gone down and got them myself I know.

Felt really, really down, teary and emotional. I have no idea why but it has been unshakable. I didn’t shower because of the dressing peeling, while we have stuck it down I doubt it is waterproof so I  had a strip wash. Steve had gone out so I couldn’t do my socks. Being late with the meds didn’t help as it started to hurt more.

I can’t concentrate on reading a book, didn’t know what to do with myself. Tried retail therapy but there is too  much choice and I don’t know what I want anyway. Well maybe a really loud colourful pair of loafer type shoes?

Dinner was nice, lamb. Only a small dinner but I ate most of it. Insisted on wine even if it is only Wednesday. Oh made an appointment for my clips to be taken out next Monday.

Thursday – 4/2/16

Funny nights sleep. Went out like a light, no doubt assisted by the two glasses of wine. Woke about 3am for a pee break. My leg despite being elevated was swollen above the knee and it hurt. Plus there were intermittent pains going from my hip down my leg not excruciating but quite uncomfy. Changed pillow set up, elevation and managed to doze off again eventually. Mind I was glad to take my drugs at 0800hrs. I had put them ready last night which was just as well as the butler failed to bring me tea, water or bugger all else.

Got up and had a strip wash about 10am, I’m scared to shower as the patches we have on my dressing are not waterproof, my butler had gone to the dentist and I was gagging for a cupper so it was sort myself out. Kettle – empty, so I had to put water in a jug and one crutch it to the kettle. Of course the other crutch falls on the floor – bloody things. Anyway made it safely to my seat with cuppa in hand.

I wasn’t looking forward to anything today but then my wonderful, thoughtful friend Ros messaged me to say did I fancy a coffee if she collected me. I replied YES!!

We didn’t go far, there was no need, we have a lovely Garden Centre near here, The Secret Garden, loads of cheerful flowers in pots on the way in and a gorgeous array of home made cakes and scones. I went for a humongous fresh cream scone and it was lush -I should have taken a photo for you. It was nice to sit and talk. I don’t get these mood fluctuations though and would like to know the science behind them. I get the idea – roll with the punches etc but why am I feeling like this? Yes I know it’s major surgery but why? One minute I feel normal, the next really irritable, the next teary – at anything, even admitting it!! Silly cow! The biggest problem was getting in and out of Ros’s car. I have long legs so despite sitting as instructed there was no way I could swivel and lift both legs in together so I had to do them one at a time. Probably broke all the rules but it didn’t hurt so I guess I got away with it.

I had worn stretchy jeggings and it was good to take them off! Leggings next time maybe! Shoes wise I found slip on ankle boots the easiest. Top wise something loose to cover my bee shaped bum and expanded belly!

Just went to the loo, forgot I had a thong on and also forgot to take it down! Ooops!!! I have been commando since I came home but put knickers on today as I was going out. Wasn’t sure what to do so I cut them off and binned them!

Friday 5th. – Busy

Restless night last night, kept waking up after 3am. Wanted to stretch, bend, stretch. Bit of an ache, can’t say what it was that kept me awake. Dozed off eventually till Stevo’s alarm went off! Grrrrrr.  Took my 0800 hrs tablets then fell asleep again.  Up at 0930hrs or thereabouts as I was determined to go out.

I managed to get both DVT socks off myself for the first time. Washed my hair by  bending into the shower cubicle and using the shower head. Couldn’t have a full shower because of the dodgy dressing, so had to wash the rest of me at the sink.

It was so nice to go out. Leggings more comfy than jeggings but it is all becoming less sore and stiff anyway. I notice that I can bend and flex my knee in bed easily.

We had a cuppa in the local coffee house in Abergavenny with my two studio partners and I caught up on the news. It’s just nice to be out and about, dressed and in touch.

Home briefly had a cuppa then back out to the Doctors in Usk. The nurse changed my dressing. Bloody hell, the bit that wasn’t wrinkled up must have welded itself to my backside, she was talking to me but my answers went up an octave each time so I doubt she understood much. How I refrained from swearing I don’t know. The wound was slightly ‘wet’ in the centre (yeuch) she sprayed some iodine on it then slapped the new dressing on. Not such a neat job as they did in the hospital. I’m due to have the clips out on Monday, oh deep joy. She may not take all of the clip out. I asked if it would hurt as much. “It may pull slightly” hmmmm, interpret that as, yes it’s going to hurt – a lot.

I figured I’d earned a wine then so we called in to see a friend of ours Rocco who is into his homemade wine, had a very pleasant hour there then pottered home. Time to cook a curry now but I don’t feel very hungry I must admit.

Had a late bit of food and it was OK – better than I thought it would be anyway. Late bed.

Saturday 6th

Well what a lazy mare I am, I woke up at 0800hrs, took my tablets then crashed back out till 11am!

Haven’t done much all day. These blocks of wood under the settee have to go, the make the settee wobble too much every time anything moves on here and it is irritating.

There was an interesting post on one of the hip blogs today whereby a chap from Australia asked if we had noticed a change in our head, how we felt. Well it was 9am I was still sleepy and only had the mobile so decided to answer later, can’t find the post now though. Still, to answer his question, yes I have noticed a difference. A big one that can’t all be attributable to three codeine a day. I hope not anyway. Before the op and for for some years before I felt as though I had lost my smile. Some of it attributable to retiring from work with depression (CBT sorted that though) maybe too a lack of direction in  deciding what to do with a photography career. I stress really easily I have found. I miss having an adrenaline buzz that I used to get in my old job, also the camaraderie. Certainly the UK winters which I hate with a passion. Oh to say nothing of the menopause and a libido that has gone walkabout! So all in all I have turned into what I consider a grumpy old lady! However – since the op a chunk of this black cloud has lifted. I will be able to go walkies again, out on the pushbike, next winter we are renting a place in Spain to escape winter and xmas! I am definitely more cheerful and while I do get my irritable moments they really aren’t that bad. Still there is more to  look forward to this year and a lot less discomfort to put up with!

Hugs x

Sunday 7th

Woke about 4am after a bad dream, our dog had got lost while in the care of someone else. Too close to home this one as last year we lost our little Jack Russell. She had a panic attack, ran off and we were unable to find her. I facebooked it for a while then went back to sleep.

Had a nice shower, totally independently of Steve. Feels good each little progression. I still need him to put cream on my leg and put the DVT sock on but that was all.

Did a bit of tidying up – Where do all these litters come from?! It could have done with dusting too but never mind. Oh we took the blocks of wood from under the settee too, much better.

My sister in law and her hubby called in to visit and brought me a huge bunch of flowers. It was lovely to see them. Fair play my friends and family have been great.

Uses for crutches.

  • Drawing the curtains.
  • Poking husband when he annoys me.
  • Herding the dogs out of the way.
  • Reaching behind the settee when my throw falls on the floor.
  • Doing an angry old lady act and waving it at someone – because I can!
  • Stopped my one dog pestering the puppy who is just coming into season when it fell on them!

Roast pork for dinner, lush.


Monday – 8th

Well what a nice day it’s been. A good nights sleep, nice shower, then out for coffee with friends in Abergavenny for an hour or so. Just to be out and about is good. We were going to go to the butchers but it was peeing down with rain so a quick stop in Waitrose sufficed.

Coffee cups

NOTE – wet crutches slip on supermarket floors! It was only one and only a bit but it could have been more.

I had my staples out today, not something I was looking forward to from a pain point of view! It all went very smoothly though and didn’t really hurt at all, just a slight stinging sensation. Even the plaster didn’t hurt coming off.The nurse was really  pleased with the way I am healing and so am I. She squirted some iodine on it and put another plaster on. This stays on for 2/3 days then can come off. Once the scabs (I hate that word) come off I can put bio oil on it.

Hip Scar 2 This doesn’t show all of the scar. The nurse took it for me.

We had a stew for tea. Tasty but I didn’t eat much. Oh I weighed today, wasn’t sure what to expect but I am the same as pre op. I did think I may have lost a bit due to not eating that much but can’t say I am surprised as there must be fluid retention. I have been drinking more water but getting up and down for a pee all the time is annoying. I’m sure those codeine tablets restrict urine flow as well as causing constipation.

I see on some of the hip replacement groups that some folk have given their hips names, not sure why but if I were to call mine anything it would be ‘Spliff’ as it’s a new joint!

Tuesday – 9th Feb

Woke up early, too early as I have suffered for it all day, really tired and tonight I feel like that bus has caught up. Plus that bloody constipation …. one Dulcolax last night not quite enough, two is overkill. Ate some pitted prunes this afternoon. Those over the toilet potty seats are uncomfy too, it removed mine tonight, better but it is impossible for me to sit comfortably on the loo.

I wanted to doze this afternoon but one dog in season and another lusting after her made it a no no. They are taking it in turns to be crated with the odd spell of flirting. Morse goes away for the duration tomorrow – he is staying with a friend of mine in Bristol.

Reading through posts on hip blogs there doesn’t seem to be any ‘norm’ as far as exercise, length of time before you can do anything, advice, do’s and dont’s from physio and doctors. It’s all very confusing. Some exercising sooner than others, some still on the zimmer frame a few weeks out (op 2 weeks ago and I am down to one crutch)

Wednesday -10th

We took Morse over to my friends in Bristol today, the journey over was fine, no pain. Using her loo was harder as it was very low and I didn’t have my Shewee! Her chair was pretty low too but didn’t cause a problem. I was very tired on the way home, I don’t know why, I slept OK last night. I guess it’s just all part of the healing. I did doze pretty much from the 7 Bridge back home.

We went up the local pub for dinner, they have a Pie and Pint night on a Wednesday. I couldn’t eat all of it but it was tasty.

I was freezing when I got in, I couldn’t get warm. Slept all night in my fluffy jim jams.



Nothing new to report. Easier each day though sometimes I feel like I’m sitting on something hard! Lots of sleeping. I got up on Friday and we had decided to go into Abergavenny for a coffee but I fell asleep in the morning! We did go for a coffee later, well a hot chocolate actually as I needed a sugar rush.

I do find I’m still not enjoying my food much though. Not a bad thing I guess but I just find it a bit bland. Nothing to do with the food or the cooking. I have cut down to one codeine tablet at night and the Ibuprofen/Paracetamol as normal in the day.

Where my scar is I now have a dimple in my thigh at the bottom of the scar. I wonder will it fill out in time?

I’m still getting mood swings, not because I’m in any particular pain. I JUST AM, RIGHT?!!! Watching Doc Martin and I wanted to cry, hubby asks an innocuous question and I want to rip his throat out! Guess it will go, I sure hope so!

Had fish and chips from the local chippy, naughty and tasty!


Valentines Day

We had a bottle of prosecco last night. What more do we need? Sure don’t need to line the pockets of the card manufacturers and sweetie merchants!

We took the dogs around the block, I had Watson the old dog and one crutch, Steve had the pupsky. I was fine, chilly wind but it was the longest I have walked and I felt really pleased with myself. Came home and fell asleep!

I am still easily emotional. Growled at hubby, cried at ‘Call the Midwife!!’


Monday 15th Feb

Went into Abergavenny for coffee. One crutch. Walked around – no sweat! Bought a skirt (a nice pinkish silk, reversible, Indian jobby), gave the crutch to hubby to hold while I browsed. Up to the butchers then, still no problem. Almost tripped in the butchers when the crutch caught on their non slip mat. Luckily I was being careful but it just goes to show how easy things can go wrong.

Read a book all afternoon – bliss.

Oh I was naughty today – left the sexy DVT socks off. I’m sleeping flat in bed and I turned on my side too – so there!


Tuesday 16th

Went back over to Bristol to pick our dog up. He was pining – whether it was for us or Crumble we will never know. So for the next three weeks segregation is in force! Morse is being very good actually and not whining too much – yet! We have squirted smelly stuff on her and she didn’t like that! Tweaked a muscle somewhere on the operated side, not a problem, I can just feel it now and again. I must not get too cocky about this recovery!!!

Still on one crutch. I have ditched the shower seat and the seat on the bog upstairs. They have served their purpose and need to go.

One thing about leaving my DVT socks off last night in bed – my feet were bloody freezing! I have been finding the cold more anyway – must be the blood thinning tablets. I’m also down to one codeine a day – in the night – just in case. One Dulcolax to counteract the effects of that – well plus a few prunes – and everything is hunky dory.

I did crash out this afternoon for an hour. I had finished the one book – The Scribe book one in the Irin Chronicles. Pure fantasy.



Nothing interesting about the morning. It is nice to shower without the seat in there though!

Went to the local hospital physiotherapy unit – no for the hip but for my right elbow which also has arthritis in it, along with the scaphoid bone in the thumb. Lots of questions and testing. I pointed out that at the moment the main pain is in the scaphoid (I think) using the crutch, most movements cause a searing pain  in the wrist towards the elbow, that got ignored though! I go back in a fortnight.


Wed 18th

Worst nights sleep for a long time. Everything except the hip hurt. My wrist kept shooting searing pains up my arm, my back was aching, I wanted to stretch my legs, bend my legs, lie on the hip side, lie on the other side, two pillows, one pillow. I had dozed off ok initially but when Steve came to bed our lovelorn dog started barking at the crate the in season puppy is in. He is normally quiet if he can see her – not so this time. He did settle after being told off by his Dad. The damage was done then though and I couldn’t sleep. I dozed off eventually but then puppy wanted a pee  and the noise started again, eventually Steve went downstairs to control things – I did volunteer!

Steve is out all day today so I am just pottering about. Oh I have lost some weight! 11st 8.75 lbs. Another half a stone and I will be happy (I am 5’9″) I’m not using the crutch today to try and give the wrist a rest and I notice that it is easier and that I am not doing a drunken sailor wobble so much.

It is nice and peaceful here today, apart from pining dog! I have been doing admin work, changing gas/electric suppliers and saving £700 pa in the process. Insuring the puppy. Checking out new dental insurance. Boring and time consuming but necessary!

Think a bit more retail therapy and escape from house arrest may be in order tomorrow!


Thur / Fri

Stevo was out most of the day so it was an admin day. Swapped gas/electric and saved almost £700 per year. Insured the dog. Sorted meds at the Doctors. Sorted Dental Insurance. Put a casserole in the oven for tea.

Not a lot else happened. Slept fine till 03.30 hrs.

Friday – 19th Feb.

While I was awake for a good few hours in the night for no good reason. Anyway, we went to our local town, Cwmbran. Did about 1700 steps or 0.80 of a mile according to fitbit. No probs. Be glad to get rid of the crutch though – they are uncomfy on the arm/hand though handy for poking young children who fail to look where they are going  I intended to buy deck shoes from M&S but while 5.50 was fine on the left foot it was too tight on the right. I was walking out of a six. I guess the design is just not suited to my feet! I did buy a nice bag in House of Fraser but failed to get the leggings I wanted in Primark though – should have bought two pairs the last time. They are just nice and thick and feel nice. Morrisons after for wine and a few bits and pieces. I did have a small moment in the one aisle, it was empty apart from me and I had, er, wind. I didn’t hold it and walked on, then a lady appeared – oooops. I beat a hasty retreat 

Not sorry to get home, one crutch is better than two but my back aches after a while and my right wrist was cramping.

Cooked a lush curry tonight, I think the difference was using passata and some lemon juice with the chicken.

No aches, pains or anything right now. Whatever is going on in my wrist is painful if I turn my wrist various ways – Carpal tunnel? Plus still get shooting pains and numbness in my lateral thigh on the non operated side. What’s that all about? Left over nerve damage from the spinal? Meralgia paresthetica? I will have an awful lot of questions the next time I see the surgeon!


Tuesday 23rd Feb.

Well I haven’t blogged for a few days, primarily because there has been nothing to blog about.

We went to Cwmbran last Friday and had a good old wander around, my hip was fine. I used one crutch, stiff in the thumb of my non operated side after though along with that searing pain of the radial nerve. Bloody ouch.

We have removed the old lady toilet seats from the loos and the shower. Yeah, brilliant. I am walking in the house without a crutch and trying not to wobble, heel, toe, invisible book on my head!

Sleep had been disturbed though, not because of my hip but because the puppy has her first season and our other dog is love lorn. They take it in turns in the crate and Stevo has been sleeping downstairs to prevent undue barkage and howling!

I did ring the physiotherapy department about this radial nerve business but over the phone she wasn’t able to help much. She suggested visiting my doctor in case they can prescribe more neuro type painkillers (not something I am keen to do). She agreed that going back to two crutches may help and that rest would help too.

It was easier on two crutches though my hip could have done more walking than my wrist!

I don’t know about anyone else but I regularly find myself breaking the rules. Over bending, twisting etc. It doesn’t hurt though so I guess I have got away with it!


Friday4th March

Well since my last post there have been good bits and not so good bits. The hip goes from strength to strength. I have ditched the crutch and take the stick out with me only ‘just in case’. I lie on both sides in the night, more comfortably on my non operated side and I use a pillow – till it falls out. I don’t limp or waddle but the farthest I have walked is about a mile. that is due to weather and the face that because of the crutch I now have a problem with the radial nerve in my right hand (non operated side)

I first noticed it after our trip to Cwmbran, I felt like cramp in my right thumb then later a searing electric pain well over the 1 – 10 threshold in my right forearm, somewhere about 11. I have ditched the crutches and the stick. The less I use my right hand/arm the better. Every time I stretch my arm down it hurts like hell. Putting on or taking off a coat etc. There is no respite from the initial pain and no way of getting comfortable.

I saw the doctor who put me on Gabapentin (an epileptic drug) dirty old drug with lots of side effects but if it takes the pain away I don’t care.

When I saw the physio again it was supposed to be for the arthritis in my elbow but as that isn’t hurting I persuaded her to deal with the radial nerve instead, apparently it should have been referred again (bureaucracy) she gave me two exercises to do and a splint thing to wear. No relief as yet but I live in hope.

So it’s a lot forward but a new and unexpected pain to put up with. I am sleeping well, trying to walk more when weather allows. The big black cloud still seems to have lifted from me and I am defo more cheerful – I even thought about sex the other day!!

Anyway that’s all for now, if you have any questions get in touch- assuming anyone reads it of course!!


April 2017

Well long time no update. Primarily because there was not a lot to say and still isn’t really.

I had my 7 week check up and he said 90 degree prohibition for 6 months. No gym or cycling till after 12 weeks.

No stick or anything as using that caused damage to the radial nerve in my right hand and I had to have physio and Gabapentin neuro painkillers. Also nerve damage from the injection in my back. Nerve pain is horrible, like a mega electric shock and burning, really made me squeal on a number of times. It seems to be easing off now though.

We are just back from holidays where walking was no problem, I am still so appreciating being pain free. I intend to start back at the gym and get out on the bike now. I don’t think that breaks the 90 degree rule.

Medication wise I take Ibuprofen and Paracetamol for the arthritis else where but not for the hip. Oh we didn’t set the alarm off at the airport either.

I don’t foresee many more updates to the blog as it will be more like a diary then. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch and ask.

Hugs, Wendy x


21st September 2017

This video is for my pal Lizzie. 

Learning to squat 01 This is a good way to get up all the time too.

Learning to Squat Properly