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True Grit

July 26, 2015  •  1 Comment

We went up to the local Goytre Arms on Friday and sat by some friends of ours Julia Horton and Dean Goddard. I was aware that Jules was representing Great Britain at Dressage in August and that she was doing Dressage to Music as part of it. To do this is not easy as there are set movements that have to be carried out at specified times and set to music that matches the steps of the horse. No mean feat by any stretch of the imagination. Once you have your music - which you have to get licensed, you have to cut and paste it and put it all in one stream in specialised software which you buy out of your own pocket, learn how to use and then spend hour upon hour getting it all together. So as you can imagine Jules was pretty stressed. We volunteered to help with the music and helped her finish it all off today. We didn't do much, she had struggled through and done  most of it on her own. We weren't able to play the video at the same time as the music but there is time to play with that again.

What did strike me was watching her dedication as she rode the test, several times, in the pouring rain while Dean filmed it. Day in day out she struggles to keep three horses going and herself going. Read more of Jules background on here Stockpin Chic who sponsor her. What I haven't mentioned is that Jules is a Para Rider, before you continue read about her on the Stockpin Chic page.

When Jules goes away next to Bishop Burton, Yorkshire it will be just her and 'Joycie' her horse. For a week. Representing her country. Great Britain. She does not have any funding. She pays for fuel, stabling, entry fees, GB flags for the saddle pad, horse feed, her feed (hopefully.)

Notice that there is no mention of her accommodation - she is sleeping rough in the horse trailer. If you have read her background you know how hard this will be.

I want to help a little bit more so thought I would put this out there to you guys. How can we help this lady and her horse represent our country in a little more comfort?

Stables Photography sponsors Jules and will help in any way possible. PortfolioPortfolioThis is Jules and Harry.



Paul Saban(non-registered)
I just read this lady's story on 'Stockpin Chic'. I hope others will do so - I found it heart warming, heartbreaking, and incredibly inspiring. I hope she does well for us (GB) and for herself and I hope that some of our 'community' will find a way to help her.
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